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The CIOOC gives olive oil firms the chance to shine. Visit any business website, and you will likely see a scrolling list of the awards the company has won. As you build your business, it’s important to implement an awards strategy as part of your marketing strategy. CIOOC Awards provide Credibility and Increased Brand Awareness for your business.

CIOOC will take place in May 29-20, 2021.

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Eligible to participate are varieties of extra virgin oil of any type, from any producing country in the world and by any individual producer, company, trader, packager or cooperative with a production of at least 500 kilos per type are those allowed to participate in the competition Canada IOOC 2021.

  • Brand registration begins November 1, 2020

Brand registration deadline ends April 30, 2021

There isn’t any limit how many oils you wish to enter.

You have to pay the registration fee of € 300 per product.

Shipping your samples

You can send your samples from March 10, 2021, until May 10, 2021

Each brand of olive oil participating in the competition must be accompanied by the following:

a) The participation form fully and correctly filled in.

b) For each participant brand you have to ship three (3) glass bottles or cans of 500ml (or 750ml), sealed and regularly labeled. That means for 2 brands the shipping samples are 6 glass bottles or cans (2 products X 3 samples).

c) Chemical analysis certificate of content in free fatty acids (acidity %), peroxide value, K232 nm, K270 or 268 nm, & D-K, proving its classification (in detail), by a laboratory from any country.

IN THE SAME BOX include:

a) The participation form AND b) 3 samples per participant brand AND c) Chemical analysis certificate.
If you have finished and packed the box, call your courier company to transport this box to Montreal.

Send the box to:

ILION TRAITEUR- Chris Lembessis
1539, Ave. Van Horne
Montreal, Qc H2V 1L4 – Canada
Tel: 514-419-9994

The CIOOC is not responsible for any participation submitted after the deadlines, for total or partial loss of participation materials during transport, chemical spoiling of the samples due to temperature changes, or bottle breaking (or any other problem) during the transport. Courier or any other expenses relative to the transport are charged to the participant.